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This Country Needs An Enema.

You want to talk about conspiracy theory?.....Here's a good one for you. After writing my last entry about the 'Weather Underground' and everything revolutionary, the CIA planted something in my throat to keep my voice from being heard. I still, can only talk just over a whisper and the swelling on my entire neck and throat has finally dissipated a little. The kind of swelling you get from an operation, or injection, of some sort. My throat is still dry and scratchy, but the swelling is going down a little. It all started as soon as I got to work Thursday night. It started feeling really strange inside my mouth. I'm thinking they may have put something in a drink, or in food, I may have had at lunchtime at work. There really is no other explanation for the pain I have been experiencing. I'm probably going to go see a doctor in the morning. I was going to go today, but I didn't wake until 330pm, or so. My muscles have been extremely sore and aching the past five days because of some ridiculous tapping device inserted into my larynx. I'll just have to re-learn sign language and come up with certain code to use to confuse them. For all I know, my voice may be completely gone. The doctors may have some bad news for me. Who knows? The CIA knows, thats who knows. .......to be continued.
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