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F.T.W. (Fuck The W.....George W.)

What is really going on here? This is Vietnam part 2. We have more troops overseas, then we have enough to protect our own country. All federal money is going towards the "War on Terrorism" because of George W.'s policy. This is a REAL situation that needs to be dealt with. If he needed a reason to pull troops home, this is it goddammit. This is going to turn into the post-modern survivalism I spoke of. This is the beginning of the new 'Revolution.' We don't have a choice, but to take care of our own. Our country doesn't give two fucks about us. It is time for change....It is time for order. We need to vacate the White House of the tyranny that lives there. We need to think about long-term effects of this whole situation. We have a war in Iraq over oil. We have a city of anarchy because of a hurricane. What the fuck is wrong with the Republican, Christian right? Where is your God now? Quit your fucking prayers and quit giving money to the church. Help out, or you will be the first eliminated. We need a group willing to do anything by any means necessary. Switchblixer showed me a documentary on 'The Weather Underground' (look it up) and I am fucking pumped. It is time to have a Weathermen reunion, or an updated Weather Underground. Safe, counter-governmental actions need to be taken. There need not be casualties in this reaction, just a wake up call for the U.S. Government. If you are reading this, you have been flagged by some government agency.....more than likely. It's time to take things more seriously and act on it. All of us have talents, to use, to help with this situation. If we do nothing, everyone will suffer. Think about it.
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