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Dog Bless America

This will be pointless rambling. Started my new position at work last night and calculated today that I stacked and shipped almost a ton, in weight, of frozen french fries and frozen fish by myself last night. My nose, moustache, and liprings all had icicles on them. Holy shit. I love it. Saw the music video for Garbage's 'Bleed like me' and oh my god.......Shirley Manson REALLY does it for me. I'm sorry...but I'm only human. I went to a dinner party at the mayor's mansion on Saturday. (well, mayor of my town) What an interesting weekend it was. I'm kind of glad it is over with. Can't wait to move into house with Switchblixer......creating annhilation one note, and one color, at a time. Well, thats all I got for right now. Boring....I know. Oh.....and I'm not sure if I'll make it to the Voodoo Music Festival and New Orleans will be there when I get there, but we'll see.
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