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I tried to come up with an acronym for BDSM, other than the obvious, and it just wasn't happening today. This LiveJournal experiment should be an interesting one, depending on how often I can update, and upkeep, the damn thing. If you know me from MySpace, you will have already read that I'm a self-proclaimed Social Propaganda Artist. What you may, or may not, know is all that this entails. I wrote a brief blog on my MySpace page allowing some people to possibly understand where I am coming from. The difference between my MySpace page and my LiveJournal page is more along the lines of whom I am speaking to. I might direct a MySpace blog towards one, or more, specific persons. Whereas, my LiveJournal shall be more vague and more of a contemplation fronted outlet of information and communication. My list of friend's on my LiveJournal will be comprised of people who either know where I am coming from, know where I am going, or have quality feedback. Or all of the above if they really love me. MySpace is more of a placebo for the masses. People think it is doing them good to communicate, through it, with each other in "open forums." The fact of the matter is, MySpace is addicting and is only a harmful tool abused by the government to keep tabs on individuals, and to stockpile information on such individuals as allowed by their Patriot Act. Not to say that LiveJournal is not monitored by these same organizations, it just wasn't created with the same mission in mind. MySpace and the Patriot Act were both introduced to the general public around the same time. Some people may read this and think I am a conspiracy theorist. However, if you know me, you will know this not to be true. In the words of SwitchBlixer, I could work for the CIA and be keeping files on all of you.......who knows? One thing all of you can be sure of, is that if you decide to post comments, or invite me to read your journals and what-not, it is all being catalogged and may come up right before your eyes and ears, in an act of artificial deja-vu, wherever the spiral is prevalent. Enjoy!
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